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"Fastest Girl Alive" - Sasha Banks


"Recognition" - Charlotte

Nothing better than a guy that does his own thing. But always makes it a priority to include you into his life as well.

We don’t even have to speak everyday. But everytime we do, it’s like the first time, & there’s always that thing that will pull us back to each other.

I want that.
He could be that.
But, it always sucks not knowing how a guy feels about you.
Admiring someone on tumblr SUCKS.

Five random facts about me:  

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1) when I’m listening to music thru headphones the volume has to be at 100%.

2) I’m such a tomboy it’s crazy. But, I have a huge makeup collection.

3) I hyperextended my right knee during a basketball game in 9th grade. So now that knee gives me problems every now & then.

4) I have a genetic blood disorder w/ no cure. So, I’m sick almost ALL the time.

5) I could watch Laguna Beach & The Hills re-runs until the end of time.

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Charli XCX - Boom Clap

You’re the magic in my veins. This must be love.

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Brooklyn  Baby | Lana Del Rey

I’ve got feathers in my hair.
I get high on hydroponic weed.

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i will reblog this a hundred times over


i will reblog this a hundred times over


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